How to use this tool?

This free online converter lets you convert code from Java to SAS in a click of a button. To use this converter, take the following steps -

  1. Type or paste your Java code in the input box.
  2. Click the convert button.
  3. The resulting SAS code from the conversion will be displayed in the output box.

Key differences between Java and SAS

SyntaxJava syntax is similar to C++ and C#.SAS syntax is unique and specific to SAS programming language.
ParadigmJava is an object-oriented programming language.SAS is a procedural programming language.
TypingJava is a statically typed language.SAS is a dynamically typed language.
PerformanceJava is known for its high performance and scalability.SAS is optimized for data processing and analysis, but may not be as performant as Java in other areas.
Libraries and frameworksJava has a vast collection of libraries and frameworks, including Spring, Hibernate, and Apache Struts.SAS has a comprehensive set of built-in libraries and functions for data processing and analysis.
Community and supportJava has a large and active community with extensive documentation and support resources.SAS also has a strong community and support resources, but they may be more limited compared to Java.
Learning curveJava has a moderate learning curve, with a focus on object-oriented programming concepts.SAS has a steeper learning curve due to its unique syntax and focus on data processing and analysis.