How to use this tool?

This free online converter lets you convert code from Pascal to Elm in a click of a button. To use this converter, take the following steps -

  1. Type or paste your Pascal code in the input box.
  2. Click the convert button.
  3. The resulting Elm code from the conversion will be displayed in the output box.

Key differences between Pascal and Elm

SyntaxPascal has a more traditional syntax with semicolons and begin-end blocks.Elm has a syntax inspired by Haskell with significant whitespace and pipe operators.
ParadigmPascal supports imperative and procedural programming paradigms.Elm is a functional programming language.
TypingPascal has static typing with type inference.Elm has static typing with strong type inference.
PerformancePascal is known for its good performance.Elm prioritizes developer productivity over raw performance.
Libraries and frameworksPascal has a wide range of libraries and frameworks available.Elm has a smaller ecosystem of libraries and frameworks compared to Pascal.
Community and supportPascal has an active community and good support.Elm has a smaller community compared to Pascal, but still provides good support.
Learning curvePascal has a relatively low learning curve, especially for beginners.Elm has a steeper learning curve due to its functional programming concepts.