How to use this tool?

This free online converter lets you convert code from Python to Groovy in a click of a button. To use this converter, take the following steps -

  1. Type or paste your Python code in the input box.
  2. Click the convert button.
  3. The resulting Groovy code from the conversion will be displayed in the output box.
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Key differences between Python and Groovy

SyntaxPython has a clean and easy-to-read syntax with significant whitespace and uses indentation to define code blocks.Groovy has a similar syntax to Java with curly braces and semicolons, but it also supports dynamic typing and closures.
ParadigmPython is a multi-paradigm language that supports procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming.Groovy is also a multi-paradigm language that supports procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming, with a focus on being a dynamic language for the Java platform.
TypingPython is a dynamically typed language, which means variable types are determined at runtime.Groovy is also a dynamically typed language, similar to Python.
PerformancePython is generally slower than statically typed languages like Java, but it has a wide range of libraries and frameworks that can help optimize performance.Groovy's performance is comparable to Java since it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
Libraries and frameworksPython has a vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, such as Django, Flask, and NumPy, which make it suitable for various applications.Groovy can leverage Java libraries and frameworks, giving it access to a wide range of tools and resources.
Community and supportPython has a large and active community with extensive documentation, online resources, and support.Groovy has a smaller community compared to Python, but it benefits from the Java community and has decent support.
Learning curvePython has a relatively easy learning curve, making it beginner-friendly and suitable for rapid development.Groovy has a learning curve similar to Java, which may be steeper for beginners but offers more advanced features and integration with Java.